Thursday, December 10, 2009

The Hiatus is Nearly Over.

Just when you thought you'd seen the last of me...
This computer has seen some better days,believe you me.Not only have I been epically battling multiple nasty trojan virii,but a diagnosis of my hard drive shows that my cd/dvd drive has joined the choir invisible,leaving me unable to screen OR screenshot any new movies for the past several months.Unsexy,indeed.Between that and bitter poverty due to my previous marriage,Wopsploitation has been at a complete standstill.At least I've still got my rugged good looks on this end,huh.Well,all stormclouds eventually pass,and I bear good holiday tidings for you eager readers and bottom-feeders alike:
Picking up a new cd/dvd drive this week,after which I'll be back to discuss all sorts of new films with you little beauties.Granted,I could have gone out and done this anytime between August and December,but eh,whattayagonnado.Hopefully you effers have missed me,and are jonesin' to read about some good,bad,and downright ugly movies with ol' Wopifex Caesar once again.So keep your eyes peeled for new posts,as you should see some any day now.I may also throw in some surprises along the way,although jpegs of my enormous penis are definitely out of the question.Probably.

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