Saturday, September 1, 2007

"Island of Death"(1975)d/Nikos Mastorakis

Guess what this Greek goatherding rascal is up to here...
One of the eternal questions emblazoned in my subconscious mind,is what hallucinogenic yummies was Nikos Mastorakis on when he dreamed this film up,after walking out of "Texas Chainsaw Massacre" with exploitation and money on his mind.
There may not be another movie in history that tackles so many taboo subjects with such a nonchalant attitude.Then again,there probably isn't another motion picture quite like this one,and probably never will be again.The negative aspects of the film are what makes it such a blast to sit through,and when I say there's something to offend EVERYBODY in here,I'm not just singing "Afternoon Delight" whilst scrubbing my undercarriage in the shower,kiddies.The first time I sat down to viddy this nasty little number,I was thoroughly shocked and entertained at the same time.As a proponent for total artistic license where the cinema is concerned,I would still agree with the BBC when they put this flick on their infamous "video nasty" list in the eighties.It should be number fucking one.It's that good/bad.
No post-beastiality snuggles for Christopher(Bob Behling).
Mykonos is the setting as Christopher and Celia arrive for what the audience would rationally think is a romantic vacation for two young lovers.And it is,sort of.Only besides lovers,these two tearaways are eluding a black London inspector on the trail of a series of gruesome murders.When the detective arrives on the Greek isle,they abruptly dispatch him with a mid-air lynching-by-airplane over the lush Mediterranean Sea(!),spurring on a sumptuously grotesque series of murders in the name of God(!),including death by gallon of paint,sword,gun,flaming aerosol spray to the face after intentional smack overdose(!),and ever the crowd pleaser, death by bulldozer.Sandwiched between these murders,Mastorakis peppers his sadistic salad with incest,voyeurism,homosexuality,gerontophilia,golden showers,beastiality,sodomy,racism,a cameo for Nikos himself,and an outrageously hilarious title song that you'll be humming for days after hitting the eject button on your dvd player.I'm not going to go any further than this about it,as it most certainly falls into the "gotta see it for yourself" film category.If this all sounds too amazing to you,don't take my mere words as authority on the film,get off your ass and gather up a copy of this exploitation must-have for your own personal collection with all speed,then come crawling back with your tails between your collective legs and acknowledge that I was,as always,right again.So take the sword! Kill them now!
Goatherders have more fun.
Four out of four B.W.s


Mucknmire said...

I have to agree, this movie lives up to its rep. Great review!

beedubelhue said...

Glad you liked it!


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