Wednesday, August 11, 2010

A pause for the worthiest of causes...


We're gonna take a momentary break in the action here at the Wop to bring a new Facebook page to light,one that addresses two subjects very nauseating to your humble N over here,horror remakes and domestic violence.If you're linked up for Wopsploits directly from Facebook,I urge you to click the hyperlink for the page below,and then join up by clicking "like".By doing so,you'll be adding your voice to the multitudes of reasonable people who neither dig "Black X-Mas"(2006),nor the sexually confused cowards who subject their significant others to abusive behaviour.Join those of us who've evolved into higher spiritual beings here in the twenty-first century and link up with this relevant and necessary page.What's more,you'll be keeping ole Wopifex's dimples popping by doing so,and I'm not gonna go into more detail than that here,but let's just say both of us will owe you a big one.Ahem.Here's the link,spread it around like pumpkin butter,youse mugs.

Horror Fans Against Domestic Violence

Wicked as Always,

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