Monday, September 29, 2008

It's that time of the year again,kiddies!

Daddy's home,bitches.
With Samhain right around the corner,and Daddy All-Big-in-the-Pants back from his couple of month hiatus of self-destructive decadence(that's right,nothing like partying,dynamic new women,and late night arrests to regain one's focus...),Wopsploitation, your hands down favorite cult/horror/exploitation movie review site is back with a vengeance to once again viscerally vivisect the best and worst genre films ever made.And everything in between.Despite the noticeable lull in new reviews here,the feedback has been very positive,leading your humble narrator to deduct that some of his pals have indeed finally learned to read!Good for you,droogies!
Your persistence will now pay off,as you will be forcefed a movie a day(at the least)right up to All Hallow's Eve.After which,who knows,I may drag it out right into the new year if I manage to stay focused long enough.Gather your kinfolk around the monitor,call your friends,and prepare to spend the glorious Halloween season with your favorite fright film fanatic,yours cruelly,B.W. And we're off....

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