Saturday, December 20, 2008

Addio Ultimo Uomo(1978)d/Alfredo and Angelo Castiglioni

You'd think by 1978 those gritty Italian documentary filmmakers would have exhausted the entertainment value of the African-based shockumentary.You'd think.Well,the Castiglioni brothers begged to differ,and with this extremely nasty entry,they pretty much closed the book for keeps.I'd searched for a good copy of this rare little ditty for years,and a few months back,I finally struck paydirt.Once I'd screened it for myself,I realized that,in this case,the hunt was definitely worth the time I invested.In the realism sweepstakes,it makes Savage Man,Savage Beast look like Saturday morning kid's fare.Be forewarned,this one's not pretty.I even had a hard time culling screenshots for the site,because I was about two violent sequences away from a sudden screampuke all over my monitor.That's saying something.
Don't feel badly for him,he's not gonna need that anymore.
After a lengthy segment where peckish tribesmen transform a dead pachyderm into eats for the whole crew(where by the climax,they're inside the carcass,knee deep in organs and blood,gleefully sawing away),the viewer realizes he or she isn't actually saying goodbye to the last savage,but instead saying hello to whole tribes of them,and about to embark on one of the most repugnant and vile viewing experiences of their lives.Before you can secure the nearest earl-bucket between your feet,we follow some belligerent tribesmen who've managed to spear some poor rival bastard right in the labonza.He lightly struggles on the ground as his entire midsection turns red,which must only piss off his enemies all the more,because they then saw his manhood off right on camera.One of his mitts gets the chop as well before the paisan filmmakers decide maybe we've gotten the picture.Generously,they then take care of those of us who've never seen a dog clubbed to death,skinned,and finally,cooked over an open flame.Thanks,guys.
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Add the Sybian orgasm machine to the list of African inventions,right next to peanut butter.
The Castiglionis' draw parallels between the moon's surface and rugged African terrain,ritual scarification and breast reconstruction surgery,African mud hut sex and quarter peep shows.They also layer in some grisly Vietnam post-combat footage(the nastiest I've seen),the deflowering of young tribeswomen with wooden and stone dildos,male and female circumcision,the partial skinning and tribal dressing of a very dead tribesman,bloated and deformed,with more flies buzzing around his face than on a cannister containing Rob Zombie's Halloween.They bounce nonchalantly from tribe to tribe without ever really discerning which is which.Some are nearly completely nude,some wear western hats and sunglasses.One thing they share in common,is the ease with which they unflinchingly
act out some seriously gross shit in front of the mediterranean cameras.When the end titles finally roll,you'll wish it was a whole helluva lot earlier.
See,the tribesman in front is sick,and the one behind...uh,yeah.
A test in intestinal endurance that the brothers really never explain the need for,this one outdoes every mondo documentary I've ever seen.For those of you out there that this sort of thing appeals to,and I worry about you if that's the case,here is your holy grail of nastiness.Back in the heyday of splatter,I pumped my fist with glee at the drive in screen during Savage Man,Savage Beast as a teenager.I must have lost my edge to a degree for such things in my old age by now.For those of you who still have that edge,you're gonna want to see this film,at least once.If you make it through twice,consider professional mental help.I rate it:
How do you say "Bleeecccchh!" in swahili?


Balberith said...

Holy shit! I think that is about all I can say. Ive dealt with Death Scenes and the such, but I can't say I have seen any tribal death movies. I MIGHT have to see this, not sure how well I will be able to handle it though haha


beedubelhue said...

I'm gonna send you a custom "backup" copy of this.You let me know if I'm exagerrating.Hahaha!

beedubelhue said...

Irony:For this post Photobucket took down my African dildo defloration pic saying it violates terms of service...but left up the poor bastard getting his sauce wand sawed off.Go figure!Badongo's got my back,no worries!

Fatal Concussion said...

Easily one of the most hardcore entries in mondo film history. The scene with the tribesman getting castrated is fake though... It's been documented in the booking KILLING FOR CULTURE. Has anyone seen the Japanese DVD release for this? Is it cut or sourced from VHS? The same company also re-released AFRICA AMA

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Anonymous said...

Its on YouTube. It has to be one of the saddest attempts to try to persuade western civilization of the "savagery" of African natives. Never once does it tell us which tribes in which African nation but instead generalizes it as all of Africa. It never once gives the parallels to modern society.. for instance.. If we didn't have technology how else do you think we would butcher our meat? I hate this movie, I saw it on the wierd side of YouTube when I was looking at Avatar videos...
stuff like this is the reason I can't get a cab.

For the record. Peanut butter was invented by Aztecs today's Mexicans, and modernly patented by Marcellus Gilmore Edson, a Canadian.

beedubelhue said...

You think it's any easier for a guy like me to flag down a cab? No less difficult to make a peanut butter joke, but I made the attempt.


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