Saturday, December 4, 2010

Aut Caesar aut nihil!

We've come a long way from "I don't know why you bother with that stupid blog,nobody reads it,and you're just gonna end up pissed off about it anyway...",as a bubbleheaded sex toy of mine once prophesied way back in 2007.
Party over here,kiddies!I'm trying to convince Dita Von Teese to pop out of a three layer Strawberry Fallout hallucinocake for the occasion(jeez,any occasion'll do,Dee baby!),while channelling Azagthoth through a Ouija board and trapping his presence inside a can of Four Loko,which I plan on shotgunning abruptly thereafter,ignorant to the imminent danger to my immortal soul...and reputation(you crazy kids aren't the only ones who can get down with 4L,watch and learn!).If you miss the festivities,don't sweat it.We'll hook up a bigger bash for five hundred grand...

Wicked as Always,


Aylmer said...

congrats my man!

stonerphonic said...

I'd Dita her Teese....

Fuckin A bro. Congrats, and pass me a slice!!!

beedubelhue said...

Tanks boys!


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