Tuesday, April 20, 2010

You're a little moist,tell the truth.

Wopsploitation is staying right here at Blogspot,as MyOpera has shown a propensity to eat it raw,balls and all(which,normally wouldn't necessarily be a bad thing,but their css codes over there are teh epic suck,and beyond the cranial capacity of a fool such as I!).I'll be tweaking the layout some more,adding long awaited NEW REVIEWS,giveaways,and speaking upon the coming of the gloriously hip Official 2010 Interwebs Fuckface Awards for web-douchebaggery in the field of HORROR!Prestige was never like this,droogies!If you're looking to exchange links,banners,banter,bodily fluids,abuse,etc. simply hit me up on FaceBook,or do it right here,see if I give a flying flatulent fuck!Many sickeningly candy-sweet accolades to Victoria,of Life and Death blog,for rendering the magnificent new header that your mother obviously cannot take her eyes off of,because it's not only about the sick and twisted world of cult,horror,and exploitation flicks that we all love so much,it's also ME,and you're gonna get two handfuls of Wop in every post.God,that sounded perverse.It's been a long time coming,but the wait IS over.We're back in business.



Balberith said...

Its about time!

Nigel M said...

yeah, definately about time

beedubelhue said...

If I can stay half as busy as you this time around,Nige,I'll be pleased with myself.As for YOU,Miss V,your attitude is a welcome return to form.Wait 'til you guys see what I've got lined up first...a rare little film with absolutely very little going for it!In other words,CLASSIC stuff!


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