Monday, November 26, 2007

A pause for the cause.

You're speeding down Rt. 29 one dark night in the passenger seat of a '70s muscle car,the speedometer is pinned at 120 mph.You curse yourself for brainlessly accepting the ride in the first place,knowing this joyride is going to end badly.The pit of your stomach is knotted like a macrame plant hanger,your heart is racing like a project ho in the spasms of her first speedball.Though scared,you're excited like you've never been before.You're approaching an ominous-looking mountain road,about to envelop the car in misty blackness,your destination is uncertain,yet certainly dangerous.The stereo is cranked to ten,strains of a polyester disco nightmare of yesteryear blare out the open windows into the night.You're terrified and fascinated.It doesn't look good for you,and you don't care as much as you should...
Well,that's kinda what being a frequent reader/subscriber to WOPSPLOITATION is like.You know there are a million other blogs,websites,and fanpages out there dedicated to bring you reviews,tributes,and other tidbits of information concerning cult,horror,and exploitation genre films.But they're safe.Other webmasters might make trips to all the horror conventions,even post corny jpegs of themselves in dimestore zombie makeup,all in the name of getting you to regularly surf their page.Not this guy over here.
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Know the difference.
I appreciate your visits,and look forward to jawing it up with all of you about your favorite movies,and mine.You can either leave comments or e-mail me directly promise I'll never blow smoke up mainstream ass or steer you towards a waste of a good hour and a half where you could have gotten laid instead.Think of us as both chainsmoking one chilly morning in the high school atrium,and I'm laying it down about what you need to check out.Then you can pass it on tomorrow morning,same time and place,to your band of miscreants over a cigarette.I'll be on the other side of the atrium,chatting up the little Irish girl with the body that looks like DaVinci himself carved it outta marble,and we'll shoot each other that knowing look.The blacktop passdown.And so it goes.
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The only bird you're getting from me this holiday season.
For now,it's back to the grind(house) for yours cruelly.I'll be posting new reviews,rants and raves,rebuttals and rhetoric,as always,so drop me a line about whatever your little twisted heart desires.Chances are,I've been there,or even wrote the damned book on it.As David A. Hess likes to say..."See Ya Soon!"

Your Humble Narrator,
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