Sunday, May 30, 2010

Choice Things:Updates,Overhauls,and Accolades

I realize I've been churning out reviews at breakneck speed over here,but in between that and organizing lungs v ciggie bare knuckle matches on the side porch,I came to the realization that it was high time I dragged my feral child by its leash from its dogbowl full o'yummies and tried fitting up the bastard with some new threads.The sidebar has resembled Ted Kaczynski's shack for too long.I've had some blog links on that puppy that are,frankly,more lifeless than the Spear of Longinus itself while watching the Barbara Streisand sex tape(not that I'd ever submit my peepers or my goodies to such an ordeal,mind you),outdated pictures,and just a hot mess in general.Well,all that's about to change for the better,my little street-dwelling waifs n' urchins.For anyone with a website,blog,review site,podcast,or whatever-the-hell-you-may-have-yourself,genre-related or otherwise, that wants to link via rss feed,send me the hyperlink to your pages either through Facebook offline message,or via e-mail,and we'll connect all professional-like,in a platonic sort of way.Remember,there's no unreciprocated love here at the Wop,so if you do me,I do you.As proud members of the same online cult/horror/exploitation community,we should support each other,afterall.
The same goes for indie filmmakers,fire me off your handiwork,and I'll gladly slide it under the wop-roscope for you.And it's okay if you've made a dogshit movie,because even abysmal WOPSPLOITATION scores translate into viewer interest,as history has shown.As a heavily tattooed Libran with a bad attitude,my scales do not tip in favour or against any film that does not deserve every word it gets.Unless you're Italian,of course.
Some new I,Candy for you bitches out there.
On a somewhat unrelated note,I stumbled across an interesting net-surf moment tonight while in the midst of nicotine bliss and a killer Alice Cooper Band mp3 rockblock.I've been used as a film reference on WIKIPEDIA for Joe Giannone's Madman(1983),one of my favorite low budget slashers of the eighties.Of course,I'm flattered over here,guys.Let's do dinner at Benito II during San Gennaro Feast this year,or something.I'll buy you an Asian knockoff AC Milan jersey afterwards.Anyway,getting back to business,we're writing the latest chapter in this technological age and introducing genre films to new generations with our websites,so let's do it together,shall we?Hit me the fuck up,people.You know where to find me...



beedubelhue said...

Zorch hat,huh?

Andre C. Martinez said...

Needless to say, all updates to are linked directly to stream on

I have no chance of exploiting anything other than my life, and my loss of appetite once I breifly considered the possiblility of there actually being a Barbara Streisand sex tape. It leaves you wondering if there was any nostril action, then you get the visual of her sneezing, and everything just goes to shit.

Regardless, you are on my blog brutha, keep up the good work.

beedubelhue said...

I apologize PROFUSELY for planting such an ugly visual seed in your mind,Dre.Nobody should ever think of Barbara getting her fuck on,not even Babs herself.I'll be hooking up the feed streams sometime tomorrow afternoon,and,of course,yours shall be first!


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