Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Encomium: 2007-2013

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"Ya looka da goody, Stefano!"-David A. Hess, actor/director/singer/songwriter 

"Stefano,great stuff!...don't ever lose your gift of gab or your profanity as it were! Your site's looking good all around."-Nick Palumbo, writer/producer/director of "Murder Set Pieces"(2004) 

" I love your blog; excellent film reviews and very entertaining as well."- Benton Fazzolari, author of "Mondo Gender"

"Very mean and veiny....."- Jennifer, hot goddess and Wopsploitation reader

"Hilariously entertaining......your writing style really is top rate!" -Giacomo Vaudo, rabid genre fan, fellow countryman, and Milanista 

"Brutal coolness,thy name is Monteforte." -A Patriotic American named Phlash 

"I love Stefano."-Delta White, British Porn Goddess Extraordinaire 

"Bloody Italians."-Nigel Planer, British actor/comedian/singer, aka "Neil" from "The Young Ones" 

"Wopsploitation is the word. Stefano Monteforte is the new grand master of review. Wopsploitation-the new communication. Insightful, in-depth, humorous and original."John Smith, lead vocalist of The Underground Saints

"BW is a movie and pop culture master...I was incredibly proud to see what he was doing (and jealous) If you have any self-respect you'll get over there and start watching along.Likewise, if you'd like to learn about film, save your tuition and listen to the BW."Cowboy X, of Mondo Boston blog, longtime partner-in-crime. 

"Okay that review made ME laugh"Douglas McKeown, Director of "Return of the Aliens : Deadly Spawn"(1983) 

"This guy has valid opinions, detailed reviews, and a great sense of humor...Without doubt my favorite little shaven head guy."Victoria Duron, of "Life and Death" blog 

"That's a sexy pic of you. You should be on the cover of Italian Vogue!"horror/metal enthusiast, Summer Sinclair 

"Your internet fan base is truly disturbing. You're almost like a male Julia Allison."former concubine to the emperor, Melissa Rae 

"Hey, I've never seen such a well worded and honest review of my movie "Hack-o-lantern".Thank you for trashing everyone but me.I can't believe you sat through the whole movie!"Jeff Brown, "Roger" from Jag Mundhra's 1988 film, Hack O'Lantern 

"Beedubelhue covers quite a lot of territory in the wild world of cinema, with an emphasis on exploitation that ranges from kung-fu movies to Jodorowsky's Santa Sangre.To an extent, he reminds me of me, so if you agree with me that there's often a lot of value in exploitation cinema, Wopsploitation is a valuable reference to what's out there."Samuel Wilson, of "Mondo 70 : a wild world of cinema" blog 

"You have good taste!"Phoebe Legere, star of "Mondo New York"(1980) 

"your writing is tasty like gum drops.job you should get writing for"Anonymous

"Oh..Stefano...You are THEE Adonis of Atrocity..."Miss Gory Rae, of "The Gory Hole"  

'How goes the party...? I am enjoying your webblog. Fist fuckingly funny.."John Markin, Wopsploitation reader and fellow "Watership Down" fan 

"Probably the funniest blogger I've ever read.Get someone to post bail and come back Wop!"FEARFINDER, of FEARFINDER blog 

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