Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Evil Dead(2013)

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You’d have to think the vast majority of naysayers vs. Uruguayan newcomer Fede Alvarez’s wincingly gruesome spin on the low budget 1981 Raimi cult classic are frustrated fanboys of “The Chin” who didn’t stick around past the credits for his tidy cameo,  or perhaps the ultra-brutal tongue-bifurcating,  self-amputations by electric carving knife, and close ups of syringe needles being pulled out of eye sockets played mostly straight was too close to the spirit of the original ( to which there are a lot of subtle tributes within ) for some, and not close enough to the Stooge-esque slapstick Raimi turned to in the subsequent sequels. I thought it was a pretty respectable success on most levels,  with some genuine moments of eerie atmosphere and harrowing doom purveyed by an able cast and led by a stand out performance by Jane Levy. Gorehounds should also be at full mast at the sheer volume of spilled blood here, rivaling even Peter Jackson’s splattery zomedy, Dead Alive(1992). Behind all the blood-letting is an admirably loathsome display of practical special effects, the likes, I’m pretty sure the major releases haven’t seen in ages, executed with a hint of well-paced comedy in the form of Mercedes McCambridge-flavored demonic profanity, and who doesn’t enjoy that, I ask you. All-in-all, an enjoyable ride for horror fans to embark upon, for sure, considering the number of recent genre remakes that bite the bag.  Keep remaking horror movies like this, and you may be onto something, Hollywood. Three WOPS

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“We are sooo splitting up, tongue!”

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