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"Guts of a Virgin"(1986) d/ Kazuo Komizu( aka/ Gaira )

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When most of  Europe and America grew tired of/desensitized by gore in the mid to late eighties, Asia more than compensated, even upping the ante by creating the "erotic/grotesque" sub-genre along the way, mixing goopy violence with fogged genitalia in just the way we've come to know and enjoy ever since. This 72 minute offering from Komizu, under his favorite pseudonym,  Gaira, certainly classifies as such, if not blowing the lid off the proverbial cinematic wok in the process. The envelope doesn't get pushed here, it gets tied to a boulder and catapulted headlong into a granite wall, with absurdly humorous results(if your sense of humor is as out there as mine is sometimes, that is).
 photo gov1_zps32756e04.jpg

He's drilling her so deeply that the Gorbuses of Pellucidar have declared war on his bag.
After a countryside softcore shoot(complete with obligatory cutout rainbows, just the way  you probably like 'em),  the crew and models shack up in a deserted house at night when the dense fog proves the country roads impassable. Here they indulge in power trips and sex games of every type, while a monster(translation: naked mud-caked Japanese guy with enormous rubber hard-on)rises from a swamp and converges upon them. Taking a cue from punk band, The Exploited, sex and violence( ...and for some unknown reason,  wrestling) are soon the orders of the day. First comes the contorted sex, seasoned with sadomasochism, squirting ejaculate, standing 69's into piledrivers, and much Eirin censorship fogging, which, believe it or not, prevents the seedy affair from degenerating into a Z-grade videotaped stag loop. Then ol' Muddy makes the scene...
 photo gov2_zpsd83543ae.jpg

And with a sudden "BONNKK!", Shimizu realized too late that he'd picked the wrong cartoon coyote to buy dynamite from.
Pretty soon, one by one, our cast is crossed out by the mud-covered monster with mating on it's mind. One guy gets skewered by a javelin (the fact that the murder weapon is obviously chucked by a real javelin thrower isn't concealed too effectively here), while another gets his peepers popped out with a well placed  lump hammer head-dooge, while yet another is decapitated, causing the female wrassler, our titular 'virgin'(if oral sex doesn't count, will someone not named Clinton vouch for that?) and object of the wet dirty one's desires, to go mental; making out with his severed skull-piece, stumbling around the foggy woods, licking her lips and rolling her eyes around, before masturbating with a disembodied arm and finally, receiving a fisting that ends up a full-scale evisceration via the vaginal orifice. Amidst billowing fog, we catch a glimpse of the couple's 'love child'. And just like that, the brief and bizarre ride comes to a close.
 photo gov3_zps129293c1.jpg

Insert stereotypical "those crazy Japanese and their cameras" joke right about here.
You can pretty much guess exactly what you're in for with this one, if the screenshots are any indication, right? If you haven't seen any of these films, Guts is a good/bad introduction, and I'd recommend it for the hardcore gorehounds out there, the sick things on cartridge tapes that whet my appetite, who dig their splatter and sex like they like their Ramen noodles... with some oriental flavor. If your idea of horror is a couple of pale, anorexic sparkly teens making googly eyes at each other in front of a greenscreen winter landscape, you might not be ready for this kind of vibe just yet.Out-friggin'-rageous. Two Wops.
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Geisha goo-gobbler pukes Yakuza-tadpoles at the sight of horrible turquoise socks.
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