Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The Thirty Day Horror Challenge, Wopsploitation-Style...

I love a good horror challenge as much as anybody, but everytime I sit down to do one of these challenges, the categories are either too repetitive(serial killers and slashers, occult, supernatural, and Satanism, etc., etc.) or too vague, and seem to bank on the participant-in-question having only seen a sparse handful of movies in their short, miserable lives.I promised one of our avid readers here at Wopsploitation a while back, that I'd whip up a more inclusive horror challenge, with a wider range of categories over the thirty day period, and several cigarettes and Gordon Lightfoot albums on the headphones(I'm kinda mellowed out over here atm, whattayagonnado) later, here you have it.The rules are simple, just pick your favorite horror film for each day. However, you can’t pick the same horror film more than once(Gods forbid, you have to actually think about a few of the categories!).I'm looking forward to see what you all come up with...So let’s get horizontal, baby. This is the 30 Day Horror Film Challenge, Wopsploitation-style!
Day 01 – Your first horror memory:

It might not be my very first, but it's one of my strongest from the era.
Day 02 – Your favorite eco-horror film: Kingdom of the Spiders(1977)
Day 03 – Your favorite 80's slasher:Mil gritos tiene la noche(1982)
Day 04 – Your favorite modern werewolf film: The Howling(1980)
Day 05 – Your favorite Bigfoot-related horror movie: Night of the Demon(1980)
Day 06 – Your favorite vampire movie:Daughters of Darkness(1971)
Day 07 – Your favorite horror movie death:

NOTHING compares to this. You hear me, bitches?? Nothing.
Day 08 – Your favorite horror anthology:I tre volti della paura(1963)
Day 09 – Your favorite 'golden age' classic horror film: The Wolf Man(1941)
Day 10 – Your favorite psychological horror film: The Reflecting Skin(1990)
Day 11 – Your favorite horror/sci-fi blend: Terrore nello spazio(1965)
Day 12 – Your favorite toxic/nuclear mishap-based horror movie: C.H.U.D.(1984)
Day 13 – Your favorite horror comedy: Island of Death(1975)
Day 14 – Your favorite zombie film: Zombi 2(1979)
Day 15 – Your least favorite Argento movie:Trauma(1993)
"Halfway there, no quitting now, ya milquetoast pantywaists!"
Day 16 – Your favorite "scream queen":All-time? Barbara Steele.Currently? Danielle Harris.Take your pick.
Day 17 – Your favorite horror film remake:Last House on the Left(1972)
Day 18 – Your favorite Italian cannibal movie: Cannibal Holocaust(1979)
Day 19 – Your favorite British horror movie not produced by Hammer:Dog Soldiers(2002)
Day 20 – Your least favorite film by your favorite genre director: Zombi 3(1988)
Day 21 – Your favorite "Mad Doctor" horror film:
C'mon, this is pretty impossible to beat...
Day 22 – Your favorite independent horror film :Halloween(1978)
Day 23 – Your favorite made-for-TV horror film:Don't Be Afraid of the Dark(1973)
Day 24 – Your favorite (non-Dracula!) Christopher Lee horror vehicle:The City of the Dead(1960)
Day 25 – Your favorite Japanese horror film:Guinea Pig 2:Flower of Flesh and Blood(1985).Bet ya thought I was gonna say Ringu...
Day 26 – Your favorite makeup FX specialist/team:Giannetto De Rossi
Day 27 – Your favorite guilty pleasure:Blood Freak(1972)
Day 28 – Your favorite "trick ending":Carrie(1976)
Day 29 – Your favorite Gothic horror movie:The Legend of Hell House(1973)
Day 30 – Your favorite horror film of all time:Dellamorte, Dellamore(1994)

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