Thursday, March 17, 2011

A Decade's Most Diabolical:Wopsploitation's Horror Top Ten of the 2000's

We've gone through the first decade of the new millenium like Charlie Sheen with a seven gram readyrock(and finished it, too,'cuz that's how we roll.Duh!Winning.)and an itchy lighter-thumb, so it stands to reason that we might post a leaderboard of sorts thus far, to showcase my favorite examples of genre cinema of the past ten years.A lot of flicks just missed the cut, but ten didn't, and
in no particular order, here they are, in all their gruesomely gory glory:
Dog Soldiers(2002)
My favorite modern werewolf movie since The Howling(1980).Read the review here.
À l'intérieur/Inside(2007)
Beautifully crafted tension, wince-worthy effects.As if pregnancy wasn't trying enough.Here's the review.
Српски филм/A Serbian Film(2010)
Repugnantly brilliant.Makes the drugs,AIDS,and suicides in the porn industry seem downright glamorous.Covered here.
August Underground's Mordum(2003)
If I end up in Hell, it'll be because I sat through this unspeakably repulsive nastiness,reviewed here.Thanks, Fred.
The Human Centipede-First Sequence(2010)
Equal parts originality and straightjacket-worthy lunacy.You might've read the recent entry here.
¡Viva España!Extremely well-constructed avant garde chiller with jump scares a plenty.Can't believe I haven't gotten around to reviewing this yet.Soon, droogies.Soon.
Haute Tension(2003)
Aja's finest to date,a throwback to the splattery eighties.The titular tension abounds, matched only by De Rossi carnage.A full entry is in the works.
The Descent(2005)
Neil Marshall makes the list twice.Maybe the finest chicks down a hole movie I've ever seen.
Land of the Dead(2004)
Romero's last good movie to date.I hope it doesn't end up being his cinematic epitaph.Covered here.
Låt den rätte komma in(2008)
Probably my favorite horror movie of the past twenty years; lyrical, poignant, and innovative.Read my gushing praise for it here.
That's my list.Disagree with my inclusions?Agree with my exclusions?All feedback will be grooved upon heavily, no doubt about it, baby.Lay your decade's top ten on me in the comment section or via e-mail('d highly dig dialogue with any and all of you on the subject, and value your opinions, as always.Perhaps in the coming months I'll tackle the tops of the nineties and work backwards from there.Anything's possible.Either way,I'll be looking forward to hearing from you.

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