Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Exponerad(1971)d/Gustav Wiklund

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Apparently the dvd cover art is too hot for Photobucket.Fancy that!
How amazingly beautiful is Christina Lindberg?Some of my more avid readers may remember there was once a "Thriller:A Cruel Picture" review early on(I'll be updating that post and other Lindberg movies sometime in the near future) on the site.My ex-girlfriend(25 years old at the time) was SO intimidated by my gushing praise for Christina,who is now 59 years old by the way,she hounded me until I finally caved to her demands to take the review down.So what's so special about a middle aged woman that she gives a girl half her age feelings of gross inadequacy?Just look at her,ferchrissakes.She has to be the most breathtaking creature to ever breathe oxygen.This film,her third,was touted as banned in 27 or 36 countries,depending on what tagline you read,because of its frank depiction of human sexuality.Your humble N is here to tell you,though it doesn't live up to that reputation,Ms Lindberg does NOT disappoint,in various stages of undress throughout.Who gives a fuck about anything else in the movie really?That's right.Not I.
Lena(Christina)takes naughty snaps for Helge(Heinz Hopf).
Lena is alone in the city while her parents vacation,torn between her boyfriend Jan and the older,more experienced,sadistic and influential Helge(Heinz Hopf,of Thriller:A Cruel Picture fame).She decides to tell Jan about her liason with Helge,which causes her boyfriend,who looks like the lost fifth member of ABBA,to reach back and pimpslap her for her honest repentance.Nobody likes a jealous dick,so Lena hits the bricks and hitchhikes to Jan's mother's cabin,with the help of an open couple,Lars and Ulla(don't you love these Swedish names?),who swim nude,sunbathe nude,and fuck right out in the open,oblivious to their young beautiful friend right in the doorway watching their copulatory exploits.
Ahem,another candid shot of Lena.You complainin'?Didn't think so.
The next day Jan shows up and escorts his little lady back to the urban landscape.They have obligatory make up sex,but something has spurred on her dormant feelings for Helge.She has flashbacks of memories with him,where he takes candid photos of her nude form on a bed,and groovy Swedish sex parties where he serves her up to whoever is interested,as he watches in a chair in the doorway while other sex kittens play with his nipples through his wide open disco shirt...and yeah,you get the idea.She has fantasies about Helge tying her to a bed and making violent love to her.The line between reality and fantasy is heavily blurred at this point,drawing to a conclusion.But is it real or just in Lena's active imagination?Watch and find out for yourself...
My first time machine destination?Directly under this right here.Yeah.
My copy of this one is in Swedish with no subtitles,and Swedish not being one of the languages I happen to be fluent in,made following the story a bit difficult the first time around,but I didn't mind watching it once or twice more to uh...understand the plot more clearly(wink,wink,nudge,nudge).Either way,an excellent opportunity to see Ms Lindberg at her very best,and for anyone who feels the same way about her as I do,this one is an absolute MUST-SEE.She's so stunningly gorgeous in every shot,clothed or nude,your eyes drink in every inch of her the entire ninety minute running time.My obvious Lindberg-fetish aside,the film is interesting,if a bit soft on the sexuality it promises to deliver,apart from some light bondage and voyeurism(and who doesn't like that,eh?).On the almighty Wopsploitation scale,it scores:
Do I have to say anything about this face?I'll let it speak for itself.


Victoria said...

I can't say I have heard of this, and after your rants about the lady you have proven that she is absolutely gorgeous.. Very good taste

beedubelhue said...

Any man with functioning eyes would agree with me on this,I'm sure.But thanks V!


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